In loving memory of our team mate

Erin Carroll

Memorial June 18, 2022

A Thank-You from Erin’s parents

DragonMax Ukulele Group “I have a dream” by Annette Adams

on the water memorial celebration

on the water memorial celebration

Fond memories about Erin

As the pandemic had us off the water and isolated in our homes longer than we would have thought possible, Erin kept the DragonMax spirit and sense of connection alive with her upbeat birthday announcements. Each was unique, thoughtful, and celebratory in tone. She enthusiastically contributed to, and enriched, our community from the very start. We will miss Erin and all that she shared with our team.

Erin was truly a special person. From the day I met her, Erin was full of energy and new ideas. She was always up for trying new things and she approached all those experiences and opportunities with an enormous amount of self confidence and an attitude of just having fun. Her time with us was too short. I will miss her dearly!

Erin and I worked very closely together over the last year. She was an amazing, interesting, and unique person and had such a huge impact in my life. I am grateful to the short but dense relationship we shared. I feel like she became a part of our family instantly and we hers. Glad to have had the time we shared. David J Carroll (former employer)

Erin, I’ll never forget being the only 2 in line at a Japanese bookstore waiting for the 5th or 6th Harry Potter and then holeing up all day in your dad’s apartment reading. Everytime I enter a purikura machine I think of you and how much fun we had posing as our best selves. Your confidence and groundedness in who you are has always been something I’ve admired you for. Thank you isn’t a good enough word so I’m eternally full of kansha for the time we spent growing up together.

Hi Erin-chan,
We miss you so much. We uploaded your teenage purikura photos in Japan. One is you, Emi, Liana and Fumi in 2005 at Aichi Expo. The other two photos are you, Emi, your dad and me at Korakuken Tokyo in 2009. We have lots of fun memories.
Fumi and Kame

As a new member to the DragonMax family, I got to know Erin in the kitchen at Linda and Annie’s annual Christmas party just talking about food!

Erin somehow wrangled me into providing monthly birthday treats for the team! Her loving spirit of honoring and celebrating her teammates for their special birthday month will live on through us, and we will remember her each time we gather as a family in celebration.

A life lost too soon……..Erin will be missed.

If you played Scrabble with her, you lost–miserably.

If you watched Jeopardy with her, you truly lost.

If you knew her, now that was a blessing.

Erin was such a caring person who had a knack for connecting with good people, and was good with sharing her knowledge and experiences with others. A fond memory of Erin is how she shared a favorite pizza place, Smiling With Hope, as a dining option during a dragonboat race in Sparks, NV. It turned out to be a wonderful recommendation, as treasured for its kind and caring mission as for its tasty pies. The owners certainly remembered Erin, who was an “honorary employee” for having shared the place with so many others. Many DragonMax teammates joined in a fun meal one night and it was a highlight of the whole trip!

Her smile and her sparkling eyes, this is what I will always remember. One could quickly see how sharp she was. I was amazed by her determination, and of course, her skills in Japanese! We were once having fun about the sentences written in French or in English on Japanese tee-shirts, sentences that would have no sense. I regret to have not met her again since then, altough I had news of her through her dad. Erin, je pense très fort à toi et à tes proches, j’espère que tu trouveras la paix où que tu sois.

Erin always had this buzz about her and always brought good vibes to wherever she was. Will miss our late night chats about all sorts of stuff, and will miss her encouragement when the mean voice in my head was bringing me down. Love you so much, Erin, and I will miss you dearly.

it was always so much fun to hang out with you in the Jeopardy! games over Zoom…it always meant a lot, how excited you were to see me. and i’m sad we never got the chance to meet in person, hang out in the Bay Area, and go on a road trip. <3


She was a welcoming, funny, and generous person. Fellow T1D. I wish I’d had the chance to know better. Her memory will be a blessing. – Angélica W.

Erin was so eager to do everything . She was a bright light that was blown out way too soon . Peace and love. Dianne newton shaw

ERIN/. Soft Light

Poem by Kathy Grenham

In the soft light of dawn, shapes sharpen - emerge -
Light glistens, birdsong awakens
   Breath is.   sweet
            And yet ...

In the soft light of evening
 Shapes ...    blur
     recede ...   song fades
 The light is dusky. And breath is damp
              And yet ...

In the soft light of living.
We witnessed,
             Cried with
           Laughed with
A being so bright and gifted

     A ... daughter

She {Erin} now resides in the heart.

A soft light , smiling