DragonMax “Katrine’s Triumphant Return!”

DragonMax practice 11-19-2022 at the Berkeley Marina
Back in the Bay Area for a brief visit, Katrine meets up with her old crew to experience the “Dragon Way” once again!

Video by Charles McClelland

How to launch and store our OCs


Green Pickle

Red Hurricane

Gray Kaku

Huli Recovery


Thrust Stroke

Your top hand should start out straight enough to enter with a vertical paddle, but during the stroke your top elbow should bend as you pull, so that your forearm ends up contacting your chest and your top hand comes down toward your hip.

in 2018


Grip – Entry – Exit – Catch

Having a loose grip allows the paddle to find its own path on the exit. If we have a death grip we might be lifting water up.
Entries always slice in from the side and we don't want to stir up the water as we're putting it in.
The Exit is the paddle feathering and finding the path of least resistance.
The Catch is the part of the stroke after your entry. Make sure we get off as clean as possible, as little wasted energy as possible.
The most important part of the stroke is the beginning of the stroke; it sets up the power through the whole stroke.


Paddle Entry

This video shows how our entries come mainly by rotating inward. This slices the blade into the water, cleanly and deeply, without wasting our shoulder strength.
For all our strokes, we rotate in then down for power.
In the Thrust, our bodies move forward first, then we rotate in to enter. Power starts with legs driving our bodies back, then rotation and shoulder strength are added for more power.

Videos by Rodger Garfinkle

DragonMax in Action


Capsize Practice Dragonboat 1

9/2/2017 - A blistering heat wave in the Bay Area broke an all-time temperature record in San Francisco with 106 degrees.


Nationals in Colorado Springs, DM vs WAM

0:00 Race 1 B Open 400 rd 1
1:05 Race 8 C Open 400 rd 2
2:11 Race 50 A Mixed 400 rd 3
3:57 Race 62 C Open 200 rd 2
5:07 Race 75 C Mixed 200 rd 1
6:11 Race 79 A Mixed 200 rd 2


DragonMax 2018

DragonMax in action during the 2018 race season. Feel the power!

Race Videos by Charles Cantero, Victor Crummy Films
Team Band and Warmup Videos by Rodger Garfinkle